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Workshop & Healing sessions with Alysia Tromblay
SATURDAY APRIL 13th, 2019 from 10-5  $135
532 Redan, Houston. (Joanna's Office) 
TO REGISTER CALL 832-578-6889

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Alysia Tromblay, BFA, has worked professionally for the past 
 35 years helping people discover and cultivate a loving and empowered connection to their life, soul, voice, passions and depth of purpose 

for the sake of healing what is personal, ancestral and global. 

Whether it be a private consultation or within teaching groups, 

her specific modalities of healing guidance encompass discovering and unfolding ancestral epigenetic memories, accessing the healing quality of the human voice, as well as helping to integrate your awareness through energy healing and spiritual guidance. 

As a child she began her training under the the tutelage of Egyptian Coptic Masters Hamid Bey and Kurt Stanley. She studied healing with sound, energy and the use of Cosmic Principles and their application to daily living. 

As an adult Alysia continued pursuing her training in the fields of energy medicine, specifically that of hands on healing with the Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere. Later she entered into apprenticeship in London with Jill Purce who as a Westerner, reignited the ancient use of vocal harmonics for the purpose of self healing as it relates to the field of ancestors. It is here where Alysia truly combined energy healing and voice work, exploring, studying and applying the nature of harmonics, energy healing and the quintessential relationship between the group field, its relationship to the theory of morphic resonance and the transformative power of empathy upon a collective consciousness. 

A long time connection and friendship that began in 1991 with the late Menriwa Trizin, 33rd Abbot of Bon worldwide, introduced her to this ancient culture whose philosophy and practices of mantra, ritual meditation and explorations of the nature of reality continue to encourage her to grow 

and evolve, inspiring travel and explorations to ancient places 

outwardly and inwardly. 

As avid gardener, partner and parent of three children she 

maintains a healing and teaching practice in Woodinville, WA. 

and wherever she feels called to serve.



The human voice has the capacity to generate equanimity and empathy, compassion and healing when it is generated out of the vastness of the heart centered parasympathetic nervous system.

Our voice when used as an instrument for awakening has the capacity to open 
 our awareness to experience and express our interconnected, interdependent relationship to all as living within the Great Cosmic Web of Life.

This is a “voices on” workshop as we will explore the effect the power of sound has on what is visible and invisible, seemingly solid as well as ephemeral. 

We will also realize the nature of sound has a fundamentally paradoxical relationship to stillness. What does sound offer stillness and vice versa?

We will also explore spaciousness and sound while pondering the nature of what is real, who or what gives something meaning and what role sound and space plays in how we perceive what we perceive.

Further, we will learn why the sound of you is uniquely essential within the fabric of your own life and how to promote your own personal healing as well as for others. We will examine how suffering arises out of perceived boundaries of separation and how sound and stillness is vital to mend and dissolve such energy fields of perception. Utilizing fundamental techniques that involve breath, attentive witnessing and deep listening we will begin to practice how to heal our life by using the sound of your own voice as the main instrument for healing.

With stillness, mantra and vocal harmonics, writing, contemplation and conversation we can begin the journey of learning to retune and recalibrate our attention away from connecting through separation and instead choose to connect via a disciplined practice of perceiving our interconnectedness to all that



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