Joanna Smith-Psychotherapy in Houston, TX
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Joanna is a Board-Approved Supervisor in the state of Texas (LPC-S)

Applicants for the LPC in Texas must complete a supervised work (intern) experience of 3,000 clock-hours, and that experience must be under the direction of a board approved supervisor. Joanna provides individual and group supervision for those who have completed a graduate degree in counseling or a related field and who are wanting to become a Licensed Professional Counselor.

Helpful information from the Board about the requirements of an LPC-Intern:

1. The supervised experience must include at least 1,500 clock-hours of direct client counseling contact. Experience hours earned via counseling by technological means of communication may count for no more than 10% of the total supervised experience hours. Only actual time spent counseling may be counted.

2. An Intern must complete the required 3,000 clock-hours of supervised experience in a time period of no fewer than 18 months.

3. The 18 month time period shall not be decreased by excess practicum hours that are applied toward the supervised experience hours.

4. The internship must commence after: the completion of a graduate degree in counseling or a related field; the completion of a planned graduate program in counseling of at least 48 semester hours; and the completion of the examinations if required.

5. The experience must have consisted primarily of the provision of direct counseling services within a professional relationship to individuals or groups by using a combination of mental health and human development principles, methods, and techniques to achieve the mental, emotional, physical, social, moral, educational, spiritual, or career-related development and adjustment of the client throughout the client's life.

6. The LPC Intern must have received direct supervision consisting of an average of one hour a week of face-to-face or live Internet webcam supervision in individual (up to two Interns) or group (three or more) settings for each week the intern is engaged in counseling. No more than 50% of the total hours of supervision can be live Internet webcam supervision and no more than 50% of the total hours of supervision may be received in group supervision. No more than 50% of the total hours of group supervision may be live Internet webcam supervision.

7. The experience must have been under the direction of a board approved supervisor.

8. LPC Interns shall comply with the ethical standards (relating to the TEXAS LPC Code of Ethics).

Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors Rules-Regulations